Hartford Preschool
Hartford Preschool

Our Philosophy

We have a few guiding principles which inform the way we operate:

Every child should feel unique and cherished. 

The best way to do this is to give them our time.  Even if we can’t respond to a child’s request immediately, we will always respond.  This commitment is one of the things which parents don’t see, but which are the most important – the environment in which the child exists is what determines her behaviour and builds her esteem and confidence.

Activities are child-led, within the context of the facilities and routine we have here.  What do we mean by this?  For instance, one day, one little boy organised all the seats into a train and slowly childen moved over to sit in them.  Soon we found ourselves singing ‘the wheels on the bus’ together.  Everyone came together for a brief moment of group play because of the creativity of this one little boy.  It is these unplanned, child-led moments which bring each day its magic.

We let children take the lead to encourage their creativity and confidence.

We are a ‘home from home’. 

Learning through play is the best way to learn.  The children learn within this safe, happy enviroment without even realising it: during story time they are learning to listen, during craft activities we always talk with them about what they are doing so they learn to make observations and think about what they are doing.

Our routine helps less confident children and children with special needs to feel more confident and to shine.

Our mature team bring experience and help to create a calm and happy atmosphere.

It is wonderful when we hear that we are succeeding in our ambition to make this playgroup a happy, welcoming place which everyone enjoys being part of.

News: We are looking forward to welcoming you to Hartford Preschool. We hope you have had a great Christmas and look forward to hearing about your stories.

Hartford Preschool

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